Caltrans SIAD Online

As a part of its Joint Training and Certification program, Caltrans has developed the Statewide Independent Assurance Database (SIAD).  It  is a web application designed by the California Department of Transportation, Materials Engineering & Testing Services (METS) to allow IA staff the ability to easily submit tester and laboratory information into Caltrans’ database via the internet. The SIAD serves as a central repository for statewide Independent Assurance (IA) data pertaining to IA staff, testing personnel, and laboratories. The database provides instant access to statewide IA accreditations, certifications and proficiencies. Project staff no longer needs to rely on paper records, phone calls and emails to verify tester or lab qualification.

The database is now live and may be reviewed at  CoMET agencies are encouraged to review technician information for errors or missing information, and immediate contact the local IA for corrections, if needed.

Miki Craig

CCTIA Executive Secretary

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