OSHPD PIN 67 – Fire-Resistant Penetrations & Joints – Special Inspections

By Linas Vitkus, PE, GE, Senior Vice President, Operations, Twining


2016 CBC requires that fire-resistant penetrations and joints be inspected by special inspectors.  PIN 67 provides two certifications that are acceptable to OSHPD which are Intertek Qualified Personnel (IQP) Program and International Firestop Council (IFC) Premier Certificate.

IQP is acceptable for any hospital construction projects including new buildings and additions.  IFC is acceptable for any hospital construction project, except new buildings and additions, but may include build-out of shelled spaces in an existing building.

Specifics of how to obtain the certifications are listed in PIN 67 and are also found by accessing the websites listed in the PIN.  In reviewing the requirements, the difference between the two certifications is that to achieve IQP you must attend an approved seminar and pay Intertek $1,2000/year every year that the certification is valid.


It is the writer’s opinion that the annual fee of $1,200/year for the IQP is excessive and that the vast majority of otherwise qualified inspectors will not pay this fee, nor will this fee be paid by their employers.  Therefore, it will be nearly impossible for fire-resistant penetrations and joints to be inspected on new buildings and additions in accordance with OSHPD requirements.

Click here for a copy of PIN 67

Miki Craig

CCTIA Executive Secretary

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