Requirements of Membership:

To be eligible for membership, a firm must be a materials engineering and/or a geotechnical engineering company and must comply with all the following requirements:

  1. All construction material testing and inspection services provided by the firm shall be under the direction and supervision of a registered professional engineer who is a full-time employee of the firm. The firm shall render such services in conformance with one or more of the following standards: ASTM C1077, ASTM C1093, ASTM D3666, ASTM D3740, ASTM E329, ASTM E543, AASHTO R-18, ANSI/ISO/IES 17020, and/or ANSI/ISO/IES 17025.
  2. The firm must be a legal entity in itself.
  3. More than seventy-five percent of the firm’s business must be for the public, in lieu of special interests or for those with part or whole ownership of the firm. It shall not be affiliated with any academic or governmental institution, nor with any outside interest or manufacturing companies, nor any trade organization in any manner, which might affect its capacity to maintain its independence. Further, its test reports, directly or indirectly, may not be used to endorse, certify, advertise or otherwise promote the sale or public acceptance of any product or services by any company with which the firm is legally and/or financially associated.
  4. The firm shall have at least three (3) years of proven business financial stability and professional experience.
  5. A firm is not eligible for membership nor can it remain a member if it is owned in part or whole by another member firm.
  6. The firm shall comply with the Council’s guidelines of practice and any professional standards applicable to the disciplines for which it offers services. It shall possess all legally required licenses, certificates and registrations in the disciplines of services it provides.
  7. The firm must have an office located and doing business in the State of California.

Initiation Fees and Dues:

  1. The Executive Board has waived the initiation fee for new members for the 2014 calendar year.
  2. The current annual dues for members is $650.00. Dues become due and payable by January 1st of each year. Dues for new members will be prorated to the nearest quarter to the date of admission.

Application and Attachments:

Please complete the application form below, including an uploaded copy of the following documents:

  1. The Resume of your Responsible Engineer
  2. 5 client references including the name of the firm, address, name of contact, and telephone number
  3. A company brochure or description of the firm and services provided