A Letter of Farewell

To All the Members and Supporters of CCTIA,

After many months of thinking about it, I will be relinquishing my duties as Executive Secretary for the Council effective December 31st.  This was not an easy decision, but a necessary one at this stage of my life.

With a heavy heart, I wish all of you farewell and Godspeed with whatever challenges stand before the industry in the coming years.  I have made many friends within the CCTIA membership, and am hoping to remain in contact with all of you.  

These last 43 years have been a wonderful and rewarding experience for me.  I cannot thank you all enough for your friendship and support.  CCTIA was a strong mentor when I first entered the industry.  As I gained knowledge, confidence, and credibility, I was privileged to represent the Council as the industry struggled with new, and ever increasing certification requirements and government regulations.  Together, we were able to influence the standard of practice in California and other areas across the country.  It is a legacy of which every member should be proud.

I hope you will be patient with the Council’s new Executive Secretary, and trust you will be supportive as she learns the many responsibilities necessary to the smooth operation of this organization.  If needed, I have made myself available to the Council as a consultant during this first year of transition.

I want to give my heartfelt thanks to each of you for helping to create the wonderful memories I will take with me.  My world has been a better place for each of you having been a part of it.

s/Miki Craig

Miki Craig

CCTIA Lifetime Member