Skidmore Presentation

November 16th at 3pm.

Understanding Bolt Tension’s Role in Structural Integrity

Skidmore-Wilhelm’s comprehensive bolt tension training program gives professionals in the structural steel industry confidence that high strength bolts are being properly installed and that the required bolt tension for each fastener is being achieved.

Training Focus:
Our program gives attendees an understanding of what bolt tension is, the role it plays in the steel erection industry, and the testing techniques used to verify it.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding bolt tension
  • Equipment used to verify bolt tension
  • Best practices for safe and efficient fastener testing and tensioning
  • Pre-Installation Verification (PIV) Tests
  • Rotational Capacity (ROCAP) Testing

Why Attend:
By participating in this training, structural steel professionals will be equipped with the expertise and skills needed to elevate the quality and safety of the bolted connections on their projects. 

If you would like to attend please email

Stephanie Wessel

CCTIA Executive Secretary

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